XLRAS Features

A complete tool-set for administering the most complex types of reinsurance.

  •  Single click production of Syndicate Reinsurance Program data required by Lloyd's Franchise Performance Directorate. 
  •  Optional APH module to reduce the time and effort needed to produce ARCFs and other information in support of the collections produced by XLRAS. 
  •  Caters for Date of Loss and Date of Settlement, Interlocking, Cascades and Top & Drops, Indexation, RPPs etc. 
  •  Create and maintain Rules which define the general criteria that XLRAS will use to automatically create Routes. 
  •  Calculations performed in a single routine to produce all required statistics on a Paid, Outstanding and Incurred basis. 
  •  High performance to calculate the  recoveries and reinstatements, for example on 10,000 losses and 1,000 covers, in little over an hour. Inherent scalability to cope with many more records than this. 
  •  Support for multiple loss currencies and London market currency practice, including the Euro. 
  •  Complete user control over how and where recoveries occur, and the flexibility to make retrospective alterations. 
  •  Flexibility to deal with “exceptions to the rule”. 
  •  Flexibility to cater for market-wide and client specific requirements now and in the future, through upgrades and on-going development to utilise the latest proven technology. 
  •  Presentation quality collection documentation, management information reports and charts. 
  •  Includes a comprehensive and up to date Help file. 
  •  "One click" installation. 
  •  Complies with the British Standards Institution’s Year 2000 standard. 
  •  A fully documented generic interface for data transfer to and from host systems. 
  •  Uses proven and industry standard database technology.
  •  Dependable and responsive technical support provided by reinsurance system specialists.
  •  Durability through a proven track record of adopting and adapting to new technology.
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