Reinsurance System Solutions

Since our incorporation in 1987, we have developed and implemented reinsurance systems that meet our clients' diverse requirements, mostly in the London insurance market.


Our agility and skill enables us to innovate, create and support high performance systems such as XLRAS, the leading solution to the calculation and production of recoveries and reinstatements on complex reinsurance programs, particularly excess of loss.


Bespoke funtionality is an integral part of our business and product, as we repeatedly meet client needs for new functionality, performance, reliability and ease of use; all achieved on time and at the right price.


If you have a reinsurance system requirement, ask us to deliver the solution.



Balancing Change

[balance] - harmony of design and proportion

[change] - making different


Trust Blem to

  • distill relevant information technologies
  • predict and respond to market and client needs
  • rapidly and cost effectively develop solutions
  • empower clients with successful implementations


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